Oh damn… he just went off on politics. Again.

Oh damn… he just went off on politics. Again.

It’s amazing to me how far in slumber America has fallen. If not for DJ Trump, we would all be prancing along in our own little worlds with the corruption of politics selling us down the river even further than we had drifted. Ignorance is bliss, right?

The pangs of interrupting that corruption express train are so evident to me. The lengths that “they” have gone to in order to stop Trump Is evidence that we have interrupted their hold on the power and smoke screen hiding their corruption. I don’t believe that we can even segregate the corruption by pointing a finger at just one political party. It’s much deeper than that, at least to me it appears so. There is so much infusion of corruption from folks like Soros and countries like China to name only two. I can put stock in the notion that there is truly a God and good people who are behind him, protecting him from all these crazies.

We need to continue to have a President who cannot be bought, who cares about America for American reasons, and surrounds himself with like-minded folks who bring a unique idea to the table for consideration. He’s been successful as a private citizen by design and not by happenstance. He’s had many, many folks through the White House door who he has received ideas and thoughts from. It’s no disgrace to not hold onto folks who don’t fit… that’s just how he roles, as does any successful company. Cronyism is not in his vocabulary as far as I can see. Yes, he put several of his children in important positions, but as far as I can see they are, at very minimum, qualified. A tribute to his family values.

He can be a gruff old sort, but that aspect doesn’t bother me one bit. I grew up in the real world of taking a man or woman at what they have done and the actions they take. I also had the opportunity to work with the “New York and New Jersey” crowd and he’s par for the course in that culture. He’s a guy who likely puts his pants on one leg at a time and has flaws just like me. I suspect that you always know where you stand with him. Heck, in my younger days I would have wanted to go to work for a guy like that… a guy who obviously gives folks the opportunity to perform. And if you don’t perform, you’re gone… no participation trophy.

I am afraid of what’s in store for America if the vultures come back to roost in the White House. I am not prepared to give up all I’ve worked for to supplement those who don’t want to work. It pretty much boils down to that folks.  Someone please find a cure for TDS. It’s killing America at everyone’s expense.