Wifey hates this pic. LOL

Work hard, save for a rainy day and retirement, give as much as you can – when you can, and don’t expect anyone else to take care of you.

Born in San Angelo… grew up in Colorado City, but went to Midway High School just outside of Waco. Attended and graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS degree… how fitting.

I’m married to an all time hotty who I love with all my heart and soul. I’m the father of 5 decidedly diverse children and am blessed with two/three/four granddaughters and one grandson. I picked up two/three sons-in-law along the way and it has been a very positive addition.

Life is good, and the bills are paid. If you’re not having fun, then stop what you’re doing and find something that you LOVE and also provides an income sufficient to provide for your family, until, of course, they become 21 – and then they are off the payroll and hopefully fending for themselves. By the way, don’t just expect this to happen magically. It takes grooming, encouragement, motivation and hard work on everyone’s part. (sorry, short rant).

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