The Ghosted Aggie: A Tale of Trust and Betrayal

The Ghosted Aggie: A Tale of Trust and Betrayal

Last week, my phone rang with a number I didn’t recognize. On the other end, there was a voice filled with desperation and hope. “I’ve got a mess on my hands,” he said, his tone teetering between panic and relief, “and I heard you’re the one who can fix it.” He introduced himself as a fellow Aggie, and like the scent of rain on dry Texas soil, that connection sparked an immediate sense of camaraderie between us.

The problem? His website was a disaster zone. Broken links, malware infestation, and a layout that looked like it had been through a tornado. He was out of depth, clutching at straws, trying to salvage his online presence. As an Aggie, he invoked our shared bond, and without hesitation, I dove into the digital quagmire to save his sinking ship.

For days, I toiled. Code became my cattle, and I herded every stray tag and function back into place. As the sun dipped below the horizon each night, my screen glowed with the fruits of labor, each fixed issue a star in the dark sky of cyberspace.

Finally, the job was done. The website was not only functional but flourishing. I reached out to share the good news, expecting a response filled with relief and gratitude. Instead, what I got was silence. Days passed, then weeks. My calls echoed unanswered in the void of voicemail, and emails vanished into the black hole of his inbox.

What stung wasn’t just the unpaid invoice; it was the broken bond of Aggie trust. We’re taught to embody respect, integrity, and loyalty—values that run deeper than the roots of century-old oaks on campus. This wasn’t just a business transaction gone awry; it was a violation of that sacred code, a reminder that not all who wear the ring uphold its weight.

In the end, I learned a lesson as bitter as black coffee at a midnight study session: even shared history and common ground can’t always guarantee honor. But, like the enduring spirit of an Aggie, my optimism isn’t easily quenched. For every bad actor, there are countless others who stand tall and true.

So, to the ghosting Aggie, I tip my hat in farewell, not with malice, but with the hope that one day you’ll remember the core values we pledged to uphold. And to my fellow Aggies and clients who walk the walk, my door is always open, my loyalty unwavering, and my service ready. Because that’s the Aggie way: to lead with integrity, even when the trail goes cold.

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