Termite Lives Matter, and Ants Too!

Termite Lives Matter, and Ants Too!

I have to tell you that I’m extremely disappointed in my friend, Gary Gillen. He’s made it his life’s work to discriminate against God’s creatures, in particular termites and fire ants. Does he not know that somewhere these cute little insects are gnawing on the studs of your home or burrowing carefree under your lawn just to make ends meet and provide for their thousands of kids? And he has the audacity to deploy chemical warfare on them. Does the UN know about these atrocities? I think not.

Just another capitalist and rather seemingly uncaring corporate giant out to put down the people… uh, insects.

I think his biggest gripe is that the fire ant is NOT native to our country. Had a fire ant wall or even vetting been in place, maybe we wouldn’t be cussing so much when we inadvertently stood in a fire ant mound in the sanctity of our own back yards. Here is a little information Mr. Gillen provides when questioned about his plight:

The black imported fire ant, accidentally imported from South America into Mobile, Alabama, was first reported in 1918. Its distribution is still restricted to parts of Mississippi and Alabama. The red imported fire ant was imported around the 1930’s and has spread to infest more than 260 million acres of land in nine southeastern states, including all or portions of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma (Lofgren 1986, Sparks 1995). This species has become very abundant, displacing many native ant species when abundant. It has the potential of spreading west and surviving in southern Arizona and along the Pacific coast north to Washington (Vinson & Sorenson 1986).*

Mr. Gillen did accidentally concede that termites are beneficial:

They are actually beneficial insects because they convert dead wood such as dead trees back to soil. Of course you may not want your house converted to soil so that’s when they cease to be beneficial.

Everyone can see through this obvious play on words. No one truly believes he really gives a damn. He’s called all ants stingers and all termites destroyers and now to recant with obviously scripted “beneficial” tones is only to be condescending to his customer base. Just more red meat.

However, if you do agree with Mr. Gillen’s position on eradicating termites and fire ants from the earth, or at least from your home, call them any time at 281-342-6969 or visit them at https://gillenpestcontrol.com.


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